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Tuktoyaktuk English: /tʌktəˈjæktʌk/, or Tuktuyaaqtuuq IPA: [təktujaːqtuːq] (Inuvialuktun: it looks like a caribou), is an Inuvialuit hamlet located in the Inuvik Region of the Northwest Territories, Canada, at the northern terminus of the Inuvik–Tuktoyaktuk Highway. Tuktoyaktuk is one of six Inuvialuit communities in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region. Tuktoyaktuk is commonly referred to simply by its first syllable, Tuk /tʌk/. The settlement lies north of the Arctic Circle on the shores of the Arctic Ocean, and is the only community in Canada on the Arctic Ocean that is connected to the rest of Canada by road. Formerly known as Port Brabant, the community was renamed in 1950 and was the first place in Canada to revert to the traditional Indigenous name.